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Sashikala Charles

  • EducationBachelor of Commerce from Pune University
  • TestsACT English

2 years of teaching experience of spoken English to students both children and adult learners through online medium.

Over 34 years’ experience in the premier shipping company of my Nation, the Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. With 20 years of experience in Human Resource Management and Administration and around 14 years of experience in the Liner operations of the Company. Retired as General Manager (HR&A) on 31.3.2020. I am inter alia, a Soft Skills Trainer. Introduced In-House training for employees of SCI across all levels and was involved in the training for Interpersonal Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Leadership Skills, Time Management, Stress Management, Personal Excellence etc. Experience teaching English to Students across world. My teaching methodology would put the students at ease to better crack competitive exams. Excellent communication skills both oral and written, good teacher and mentor.

Online Tutor

Aishwarya K R

  • Education Master of Arts in English Language & Literature
  • TESTSACT English

3 years of teaching experience in English for various Competitive Exams

I am dynamic and passionate English tutor who has trained innumerable students of different ages to the desired level of education. I mainly focus on language development and enabling learners to perform better in language proficiency tests which include, ACT, SAT, IELTS, OET etc. I am qualified for UGC NET English. A trained linguist and psychologist, my interests include creative writing, research, and content development for competitive exams. I am credited with two books, Alive and A Promise to Remember as well as several articles published in journals, books, and also in The New Indian Express. I am now working on exercise books for an English Olympiad for various classes. Well versed in language and literature, I can assist students with any type of examination. I am consistent and persistent in my endeavors; a quality of mine that will certainly help you perform without being repelled by your coursework. I will also help you gain confidence in your attempts to achieve your desired goals. Being language oriented, I can break down the concepts into miniscule bits to let you grasp them. In addition, I will support and guide you in each step you take and engage you to perform various language related tasks confidently.

Online Tutor

Pratap Gowd

  • EducationBachelor of Engineering, Electronics and Communications
  • TESTSACT Maths

I have 6 years of teaching Mathematics and Physics to High School students from all over the world.

I am a retired IT specialist with about 4 decades of experience in the IT industry. I am indulging my passion by teaching mathematic concepts to middle school, high school and pre-university students from all over the world. I believe in teaching the basic ideas behind all mathematical concepts. I teach students to appreciate the beauty in the order of mathematical concepts. Problem solving becomes quite easy once the concept is understood in its entirety. I also teach a new method of looking at the four mathematical operations namely addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers called ‘Vedic Mathematics’. It is a very refreshing and intuitive way of looking at numbers.
I have been teaching online classes for the past 3 years to students around the world. I have students from India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East. I also conduct webinars for students in the 9th and 10th grades in India every day. I have proficiency in teaching the following subjects in mathematics: Number System, Algebra (1 and 2), Trigonometry, Geometry, Pre-calculus and Calculus. I have been teaching students who are appearing for the following boards: NCERT, Various ISD (Independent School Districts) of USA, KS of UK, A Levels, O levels, NSW curriculum, ICGSE, IB etc. I try to get the students geared up for competitive exams like PSAT, SAT, AIEEE, NEET, ACT etc. I introduce the students to the type of questions on competitive examinations as I am teaching the concepts.

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Nitha Das

  • EducationMSc in Physics, M Tech in Ocean Technology
  • TESTSACT Science

I have over 5 years of experience tutoring Science subjects and I am very passionate about Math and Science.

My favorite part of tutoring is instilling confidence in students and making them feels that they can understand and enjoy a subject. I joined the PhD program at II T Madras and completed my course work. I teach lessons to bring students to a higher level of understanding with clear conceptualization of each topic. The lessons are designed to be interactive and keep the students engaged throughout the class. Thereby a gradual interest and love for the subject is developed in the students’ minds which will help them with the ACT and other exams. It will carry forward and help them achieve a higher level of success in their studies and a great future. Concepts are well visualized and explained to help the student understand and learn any subject. Each and every doubt regarding a subject will be cleared. Patience and Sincerity is my way of teaching.

My teaching methodology is entirely adapted and adjusted to the ability and comfort level of my student. I ensure that students completely understand each concept by providing a thorough explanation followed by various examples (real life for physics and chemistry). I then test the students’ comprehension of the subject by asking questions so the students must formulate their own answers. I firmly believe that a complete mastery of the subject is the key to success for any exam. To prepare for exams, we conduct timely evaluation tests. The results will guide changes in the study plan to ensure areas that need improvement are covered.

Online Tutor


  • EducationPhD from National Aerospace Laboratories, M Tech
  • TESTSACT Maths

11 years of teaching experience in Maths & Physics

Dr Sasidhar Jangam received his PhD in 2018 for Vibrations of Unmanned and Micro Air Vehicles from the National Aerospace Laboratories, India. He has over 10 years of teaching experience for bachelor’s and master’s level students. He has published many technical papers and articles, particularly in the field of aerospace structures. He is an active member of many teaching and scientific societies and forums where he has given multiple lectures. He was honored with the Best University Teacher Award in 2017 and the Best Mentor Award in 2019.

I adapt my teaching methods to each student. I use diagnostic tests to find students’ abilities and capitalize on those. I offer clear explanations of each topic and concept. Real life examples are also offered to cement the students’ understanding. I make sure the students are comfortable asking questions and discussing topics in the live lectures. I also assess their grasp of concepts through live lecture discussions when students formulate their own answers.