Frequently Asked Questions?

Find informative answers to all your questions about ExamPrepHub below.

Click here or go to our pricing section to choose a course plan. You can contact us for a FREE consultation if you are unsure of the best course plan. You will get full access to all our online resources once you pay for the course and complete the registration.

No, the prices on our course plan are all-inclusive. You won’t be charged an extra fee to access any of our study materials, videos, practice questions, or live sessions.
Yes, our tutors are always happy to help you understand all the areas that seem difficult. We tailor our ACT courses and study plan to meet the specific needs of each student. You can get in touch with your tutors for explanations on subjects or topics that are not clear.
The ExamPrepHub platform is available 24/7. Therefore, you can access the program and study anytime you desire. However, we always pre-schedule time for group and one-on-one live virtual sessions.
We have helped Several of students ace the ACT exam by teaching them what works. Aside from helping you understand the course content, we will also teach you how to avoid common mistakes, guess questions correctly, deal with time pressure during the exam, and more.
Yes, you can complete the program online. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.
No, your child needs no technical skills to take full advantage of our program. Our user-friendly interface makes navigating the course a no-brainer even for technophobia.
Our platform allows you to track the number of hours your child spends on the program, lessons completed, scores achieved in practice tests, and more. Additionally, you can check lessons your child has mastered and areas where he is still having trouble.
Students perform well in academics when their confidence level, self-esteem, and positivity are high. Along with the academic preparation, our mentors help the students achieve all these by continually working on their holistic growth.
Of course! In one-to-one classes, we monitor student’s growth, their grasp over the concept, and extend support accordingly. Despite having command over the subject, many students fail to perform under pressure, so we put extra effort on time management for all our students.
Every student has his/her own potential and for us each one of them is a gem. That is why we design personalized study plan for them that just caters to their individual goals based on their potentials. Even between the course, we suggest them the best course of action to be pursued.
Please, send your questions to One of our experts will get back to you with an answer.