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Looking for information on how you can help your students pass the ACT. Check out our guide on how teachers can guide their students through the test prep process.

How to help your students prepare for the ACT

Follow thesefive steps below to help your students prepare effectively for the ACT.

Set a score goal

The first thing to do is discuss with your student to understand the score they are hoping to get on the test. The score your student needs will depend on the college he or she wants to go to. You should also find out if the student is taking the test for the first time or not—if yes, you should discuss the sections where they need improvement.

Familiarize yourself with the test

You can’t prepare your students effectively for the ACT without familiarizing yourself with the test format and the topics covered in each section. You must understand the test’s logic so you can guide your student on how to get a higher score.

Get the best ACT prep resources

Teaching with bad study materials can make learning hard for your students. We recommend that teachers get the official practice tests, general books on the ACT, and specific books for each section.

Have a plan

Make a plan on how you want to help your students achieve their dream score. Prepare a schedule of what needs to be done and when it should be done. Determine the number of lessons you want to have each week and set a specific time for them. We advise that you adopt a personal approach for each student as this will help you understand their strengths and weakness and work on areas that need improvement.

Work on your students’ mistakes

You should ensure your students practice several questions before the test date. After each practice, you should discuss the questions they miss and help them understand why they got it wrong. This strategy will help them avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

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