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Welcome to the ExamPrepHub parent page. Here, you will find information on how you can help your child prepare for the ACT and get into a college or university of their choice.

Parent’s role in preparing their child for the ACT

One of the most important long-term goals of any parent is to help their child get into a good college or university. We know you have done your best in the last fifteen years to get your child ready for life at the tertiary institution. Now that it is time to take the ACT, here are some suggestions on how you can support your child and help them pass the exam:

Get to know the ACT

Knowing the ACT basics will help you in guiding your child to prepare adequately for the exam. It will help you avoid passing unrealistic expectations and misinformation to your son or daughter. We advise that you also familiarize yourself with the questions, timing, and format of the test.

Help your child choose a target test date

Talk to your child and agree ona target test date. We usually recommend that students take the test toward the end of their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year.

Develop a study plan

Once you decide on a test date, the next thing is to collaborate with your child to devise a study plan. You can do this by creating a study schedule and use a calendar to mark dates and times for studying the subjects covered in the test.

Be actively supportive

Taking standardized tests like the ACT can be stressful for students—they need support while preparing for the ACT. Acknowledge your child when they successfully adhere to the study plan and schedule. You should also add fun whenever possible to make the exam prep enjoyable for your child. Want more information on how you can help your child in preparing for the test? Please contact us now. We are always happy to help.